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What is this program?: This is a brute force! ( IPTV Cracker)
The program is ideal for a beginner or a slothful person. Minimal settings with speedy results. You do not need understand how and what works - loaded combos and the proxy list chose the site and got the result! You can get very easily IPTV lists of different servers!
Dear friends, the first version of the program was released a year ago.
There were a lot of changes, starting from a very simple version, gradually the program turned into a fairly powerful solution. In honor of this event, I decided to release a special version on the old, classic engine. The main priority was placed on the speed of work. If you use simple servers without protection, this version of the program will give you a speed 3 times higher than 5.11! You can use 200, 300 and 500 threads, it all depends on the server.
The program code has changed by 30%. I went back to a brighter design. There were a lot of fixes, and protection against incorrect actions was added. In essence, this is a completely new program with utilities that you are used to.
Another important innovation is that you can now check the channel lists whether they work or not!
What's new? and Functionality:
Old, classic engine placed on the speed of work
Classic interface without additional colors
Get playlists is easy!
Added your servers to the list in 1 click
Update combo list (all ~ 23100 combos) and added 2 more lists with about 75,000 combos!
I added a proxy checker. Multithreaded, fast and without extra fields!
Proxy can now be checked while the program is running Smile
Added Converter Emails to Combo list . See video 

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Finalized Mass Check IP + Find Corporate Subdomains (Easier editing lists IP)
The program has Search Corporate Subdomains
Added mass editing of ip address list
Update server list.
Added IPTV DNS Servers List (..lots and lots^^)
Added Mega List IPTV Servers ( ~ 1600 servers)
Support for any type of proxy, it is also possible to work without a proxy, for example, using pvn using 2-3 threads, this is just as real
Different user agents - automatically change at work, it becomes more difficult for us to block
Improved brute force algorithm - the program finds 99% of errors, including bad requests through the proxy: status codes: 400, 403, 500, 502, 503, 429, etc. All this is handled by the program.
Also try different types of proxy, some servers work better with the Socks proxy type
The most critical problem that arose was locking us from the server on requests. I tried to solve it by changing the user agents with brute and adding socks proxies for a more incognito mode. Now it will be much more difficult for the server to track all requests and block us.
Support combos ( : or ; ) and proxies ( : )
Sound with a successful find!
All Errors will be checked automatically until the result is either good or bad. So on all my programs


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