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STB-Player with station logos v1.2.0.0


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STB-Player with station logos v1.2.0.0

STBplayer uses the command line media player "mpv.net v5.4.8.0"
also works with IPTV from providers with MAC addresses

Example configuration in the "STBplayer.urls" file

1. Command line media player download (mpv.net-portable-x86- ; only works with this version
   Link ->

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2. Unzip the file into a directory and run mpvnet.exe once
   and select "<startup>\portable_config".

   If you want, you can delete the defined key and mouse bindings as well as the context menu in the "input.conf" file.
   Just write in the first line:
    _ ignore           #menu:

3. Enter the path of mpvnet in sector [mpvnet.exe]

4. Individual keypads have to be created with a graphics program.
   Examples and help in the "template" directory
   enter both in sector [Image]   

5. After the start, the control panel appears briefly on the right-hand side of the screen.
  (can be brought out again with the mouse pointer on the right edge of the screen)

   The television picture can be freely zoomed and positioned; or fixed sizes via a button
   2 x 30 TV programs can be called up
   Enter in sector [Playlist1] and [Playlist2]
   The "MAGConverter v2.1.0.0" program is helpful for creating playlists
   Examples of playlists in the "STBplayer.urls" file
   WDR HD=https://wdrfs247.akamaized.net/hls/live/681509/wdr_msl4_fs247/master.m3u8
   ESPN 2=|User-Agent="AppleCoreMedia"   


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