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VIPoferta.bg Database - Leaked, Download!


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One of the major tour operators in Bulgaria VIPoferta.bg was allegedly breached on 13.04.2021 by the known Bulgarian hacker Emil Kyulev. The hacker demanded a ransom of 30 000 BGN (Equal to 15 000 EUR) which wasn't fullfied by the owners Simeon Kanev and Petur Limonov. Instead they kept quiet about the breach and ignored the GDPR Regulations. It is believed by Kyulev that Petur Limonov is just a proxy of Kiril Domuschiev whom has been tied numerous times with the organised crime. You can get to know the situation better here:

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Entries: 349 142 | Date: 01.05.2021

👇Download the file from the link👇

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