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Here you will be able to comment on the plans, I will also give preliminary information if a plan is changed and what is new on it! so whoever wishes can throw an Eye here too

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So I would like to announce that we have already made an additional rank User+
This rank does not differ much from the usual one that everyone has when registering User
The only plus is that a user with rang / status User+ will be able to see all the links in the forum!

Anyone who wants can have the status User+ should have only 100+ comments, but if a user with rand User does not care, then you can choose one of our packages, see them
here -> Subscriptions At the top of the subscriptions menu /subscriptions / <-

I also publish photos of where the plans are


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User with rank User+ can see all links in the forum, but will not have the right to download attachments, this requires a subscription minimum +Client

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