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Here we will share censored news where some politicians and government organizations do not want to be heard.

we will not impose censorship and defend the free right to write

youTube is degrading after Facebook and Twitter, sliding into the most severe censorship!

It is increasingly becoming noticeable how American information resources are increasingly sliding towards the most severe censorship and violation of freedom of speech and information dissemination.
All this was clearly seen during the last presidential election campaign in the United States, when, disregarding freedom of speech and the remnants of any real democracy, practically all information "mouthpieces" of globalist clans simply gagged the current US president and his supporters.
What kind of democracy in the United States can we talk about after numerous falsifications of voting results and total censorship? The most popular video hosting site YouTube, too, did not escape this fate, joining this censorship and the fight of globalists against freedom of speech.


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Trump vs Impeachment: 2-0.

57-43: Most Senators wanted Trump impeachment, but it wasn't enough.
Trump expected such a denouement, and as soon as the Senate issued this decision, the former president issued an appeal to supporters.
But there are 4 important signals:
1. He directly indicates the main claim of his supporters to the Democrats - "they think that only they can do it."
"It's sad that only one party in America always gets away with violating the law, forgiving rebels (hello BLM and Antifa!), Persecuting and defaming those who have a different point of view."
2. Reminds that half of the country is behind him: "75 million voted for the current president - this is a historical record!"
3. Continues to make opponents nervous: "I have a lot to tell you in the coming months."
4. Provides hope for a post-Biden future: "We will soon present a vision of a bright and limitless American future."

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News form: 16/02/2021

News form: 16/02/2021 

The level of the world drug mafia is not a flat network organization, it is controlled by a very narrow group of people. They can be called the world oligarchy. From Colombia to Miami, from Hong Kong to New York, from Bogota to Frankfurt, the drug trade is big business, and it is completely, from top to bottom, controlled by the secret services under the patronage of the world's elite.

The drug trade is not a small trade on the corner, but a big business with billions of dollars in income. In all countries of the world, the drug mafia has patrons in the highest echelons of power, it is a huge empire. The drug mafia appeared in the 18th century and its influence is enormous. The main world secret services for covering and smuggling drugs are the CIA, MOSSAD, MI-6, GRU and others.

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News form: 16/02/2021 
The American CIA controls drug trafficking.

The very first CIA drug operations began after the Second World War. At that time, the CIA did not have the scale and capabilities inherent in them now. But it was cooperation with drug traffickers that made this agency one of the most influential in the world.
And so in 1947, with the assistance of the CIA, a laboratory for the production of heroin appears in French Marseille.

Further in the 1950s, the CIA created a network of heroin laboratories in Southeast Asia. 
Later, the CIA also established a network of laboratories for the production of the same heroin in the so-called "Golden Triangle" (Laos, northern Thailand, Burma (https://t.me/insider_amigo)). From there comes 70% of the world's opium supply, which is scattered throughout Asia.
This very "Golden Triangle" was funded by the United States during the Vietnam War. During the Afghan war with the USSR, the Afghan mujahideen are again financed by the American CIA. The drug traffic is well established in the countries of the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Most recently, the Armed Forces of Myanmar declared a state of emergency in the country for a year after the arrest of state leaders (https://t.me/insider_amigo), which was associated with drug trafficking and the CIA.

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