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Found 5 results

  1. just a little thing I found and use to kill my boredom. how it works: grabs Cam IPs off shodan, scans and exploit them and then it gives you their credentials.
  2. Description: This book provides valuable information on offensive approaches and techniques for web application pentesting. Although the code in this book is designed to be simple enough to be understood without any prior knowledge of the language in question, it is not intended for beginners looking to get into the field of penetration testing. The To the get the will most out of the this book, you Should have some basic coding experience, some experience with of web applications, and some familiarity with common all Vulnerabilities such as with the the the OWASP top 10. Format : PDF Year : 2020 web_application_advanced_hacking.pdf
  3. Full Course Available!!!!!!!!!! More accounts in the file 👇👇👇 Tutorials
  4. reNgine an automated reconnaissance framework meant for information gathering during penetration testing of web applications. reNgine has customizable scan engines, which can be used to scan the domains, endpoints, or gather information. The beauty of reNgine is that it gathers everything in one place. It has a pipeline of reconnaissance, which is highly customizable. reNgine can be very useful when you want to perform the reconnaissance, gather endpoints, directory and file search, grab screenshots, and gather all the results in one place. Suppose, if you have a domain hackerone.com, reNgine can perform the scan based on your scan engines, gather all the results in one place. reNgine makes it possible for use cases like, "I want to search the subdomain which has page title "Dashboard" and has page status as 200, and I quickly want to have a look at the screenshot". [Hidden Content] TODO docker-compose up --build in a new tab register a user docker exec -it rengine_web_1 python manage.py createsuperuser or you can simply pull it from docker repo
  5. as it said in the title this sites will give you the best like OSCP experience for free 1-register and login 2-download connection pack 3-connect using openvpn (sudo openvpn config.ovpn) 4-choose ip and hack this is it so easy you can check here [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] and a sqli lab [Hidden Content] xss lab from google [Hidden Content] and this vuln sites that you can absolutely hack [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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