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  1. Hi Friends. Stalker Portal Player v7.0 What's New? * Bugs in the old version have been fixed * Fixed - Multi-audio support. If the video has multi-audio support you can change the audio. * Fixed - External subtitle support. Now it works without any problem. * Fixed - Subtitle changer in the software. If the video has multi-subtitle support, you can select your language in the subtitle box. * Fixed - Video and software freezing problems. * Added brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and gamma settings. * Added aspect ratio and audio device settings. * Added ability to watch youtube links. just put the video link into the url box and press start * Vlc player win32 (not win64) must be installed into your computer. Because I use vlc codecs in this version. ------------------------------------------------ Това значи че "Stalker Portal Player v7.0" работи по добре с VLC 32 бит

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