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  1. Clarification to all who write to me The promise is a promise, the first who sent the file will receive his gift I decided not to release the program to the public Everything I wanted to try out of curiosity Zaman Don't worry, nothing has changed Изясняване на всички, които ми пишат Обещанието е обещание, първият, който изпрати досието, ще получи своя подарък Реших да не пускам програмата на обществеността Всичко, което исках да изпробвам от любопитство Zaman Не се тревожете, нищо не се е променило
  2. Thank you I found it. The mission was successfully completed 😉 I put a picture, but the admin has blocked it Сложих снимка, но администраторът я блокира
  3. I cracked this version, and whoever wants to get it, send me the trial version of the program "IPTV Hax0r" I will send him the two programs in full