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  1. Flussonic Media Server A multi-purpose software solution for launching a high load video streaming service of any scale. Flussonic Media Server delivers video to millions of viewers in more than 100 countries around the world. Start your business with on one of the most advanced and efficient video platforms. For IPTV and OTT Flussonic Media Server is a professional platform for OTT and IPTV services. You can capture, transcode, record archives, manage users, threads, and deliver multi-protocol video (live and on-demand) to any part of the world. It allows you to keep
  2. Xtream Codes is a panel for IPTV resellers to set up accounts and manage their subscribers. Several apps like IPTV Smarters and XCIPTV can be used with Xtream Codes. If you are just looking for IPTV service then you have no need for an Xtream Codes panel. If you are looking to become a reseller of an IPTV service then the service you purchase reseller credits from will provide you with an Xtream Codes panel if that is the system they use. xtreamcode v2 xtreamcode v2 Unlimited Streams & Users New Design Live Streams(+EPG) & VOD (Video On Demand) with load of op
  3. Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software is a robust, customizable, and highly extensible Java-based platform that powers live and on-demand single-bitrate and adaptive bitrate streaming to any device, anywhere. This article introduces the different aspects of Wowza Streaming Engine and how you can use each of them. PVTL provides high density transcoding capability with lowest latency. Running on high performanced Intel Xeon processors with NVIDIA Quadro / Tesla video card acceleration, IPVTL is able to transcode up to 64 channels HDTV for internet audience on 1 single server. It has
  4. тоя мултикаст дето си го взел от братята или от моя пост в другия форум не се ползва от Булсатком от 2017 година
  5. Порталче БГ Канали FullHD auth: 1 status: Active exp_date: 2022-01-16 14:46:44 is_trial: 0 active_cons: 0 created_at: 2018-09-25 14:51:57 max_connections: 1 allowed_output_formats: m3u8, ts Парола: Колко яйца можете да поставите в една празна кошница? bgfullhd.m3u8.zip
  6. [Hidden Content] не знам дали наистина е кракната не съм я пробвал ако искаш разгледай я
  7. Откъде мога да намеря mac.txt с конфигурация ?

  8. когато ги зареждаш Портал + Мак през приложение в него е зададен useragent-а който се исползва при заявката това искам да кажа

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