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  1. Dehashed Database - XPGamesaves.com Full records - 890k Dehashed records - 740k Upload file: Uploadfiles.io Format: Mail : Pass + Login : Pass Download 👇
  2. Here is openbullet 2 if you need help setting it up pm me or post here. Download [Hidden Content]
  3. Може да провериш процесора (CPU-то ) на-колко %-ти се натоварва също така и харда (HDD-to)
  4. some people on the forum are getting credit for this garbage.. I'm leaving some free and non-credit gifts here. if you like it, i will share the rest as 5 gb+ Smile [Hidden Content]
  5. WEBSITE : [Hidden Content] DATE OF THE LEAK : 24/07/2021 LEAKED IN ODHER FORUM : HELL NO NUMBER OF LINES : 55960 lines LINK TO THE EXPLOIT UNCLUDE IN TXT AND MABE THEY CLOSE EXPLOIT ENJOYY BY WEBKILLER simples Quote: email:pass download 👇 desizip.com - astem_desizip.A_C_GENLOGIN.txt
  6. ACEBOOK CONFIG BY BERLIN (REQUESTED) email:pass proxy: yes hq Download link 👇
  7. Database of Sberbank of Russia military sales , providing a unique insight ,Transaction Download file to link 👇
  8. This version (22227) fix a functional defect related to interaction with the Chromium browser. Update Log: [Hidden Content] Cracked 100% safe/secure/clean. Virus Total -> HclLicenseProvider.dll [Hidden Content] Virus Total -> AppScanSDK.dll [Hidden Content] Download file
  9. 1. Go to [Hidden Content] 2. Enter the target’s phone number/email The recieve the following message: “STDCheck.com - A sexual partner tested positive for an STD & recommends that you also get tested. For details, visit STDcheck.com/notify Text STOP = Opt-Out” 3. Congrats, you have successfully scared the fuck out of someone
  10. 500+ GTI 5 accounts, The base is from 2019 Download file
  11. [email protected],f00eff38a1f80a703392e3656cfb1793 [email protected],3b7c3359598ed3fda7b2bf3bfc319fca [email protected],f4b44f5245d909af2e5afd9e8990ddc3 [email protected],ba1ca15744b7e6813dec8e3e5197ae38 [email protected],5886f3eb726eecf65490fe6d53e7e132 [email protected],d18a6d0d87c511248f1442c035c18da1 [email protected],70f118507592209330ef90f05e0630b2 Download q.csv
  12. Hi, I would like to share with you guys some links that you guys can get some Free Virtual Phone Numbers. You can use it to register Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or bypass other registration, etc.
  13. May the force be with you Download : [Hidden Content]
  14. Here is the RDP Cracking Tutorial And Nice Tools. This Method is work for Me Cracking is Not a Crime,It's an Art!!!
  15. QRADAR Official ISO version 7.2.8. 3.3 GB
  16. internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a new medium through which television channels are delivered to the audience across the Internet. IPTV programming consists of live television channels, replays of television shows and videos on demand. Media programming delivered through IPTV provides high-resolution and lag-free video streaming. Websites including Livestation, TVLIZER and wwiTV.com provide IPTV services for free without the need for registration or account setup. Visit the Livestation website in a Web browser. Click the “Channels” button on the top of the Web page. Select a channel and click the small window with the channel’s logo. Live streaming will start for that specific channel. Click the double-arrow icon on the bottom-right corner of the TV player window to switch the view to full screen. Press the “Esc” key to exit full-screen mode. Open the TVLIZER website in a Web browser. Click a category of your choice from the “Categories” pane. Categories include General, Entertainment, Sports, News, Music, Kids, Movies and Documentaries. Each category will expand, displaying a list of channels under that selection. Click a specific channel and live streaming will start in a small window on the left side of the page. Click the arrowed square icon in the bottom control panel of the TV player window to switch to full screen. Press the “Esc” key to exit full-screen mode. Navigate to the wwiTV.com website in a Web browser. Click your desired language from the options given. Select a channel from the left pane on the Web page. Channels are sorted geographically, but you can also select a channel under categories including Business News, Education, Entertainment, Government, Kids, Lifestyle, Movies, Music, News, Religious, Shopping, Sports and Weather. Click a specific channel name and then click the "Play" button captioned “Click Here to Access Content” in the black window. The selected channel will start playing in a new pop-up window. Click the full-screen icon on the bottom-right corner of the TV player window to make it full screen. Press the “Esc” key to exit full-screen mode. . Tips An active broadband Internet connection is required to watch media content via IPTV on your computer
  17. Customized Kodi IPTV Playlists Let's start with three add-ons that let you add and customize your own M3U playlists, allowing for a personalized IPTV experience. PVR IPTV Simple Client PVR IPTV Simple Client is the basic IPTV Kodi add-on that most Kodi users will use. It comes pre-built into the Kodi app. The add-on supports live TV, radio channels, and electronic program guides (EPGs). If the PVR IPTV Simple Client add-on has been disabled, you can reactivate easily. Head to TV > Enter add-on browser > PVR IPTV Simple Client > Enable. To add your own M3U playlists, go to Configure > General, change Location to Remote Path (Internet Address), select M3U Playlist URL, and enter the address. PVR IPTV Simple Client supports multilingual channels and program guides. The add-on forms part of Kodi's broader ability to read PLS files, M3U files, and cue sheets, all of which allow you to create basic and smart playlists within the Kodi app. Playlist Loader [No Longer Available] Although PVR IPTV Simple Client is the default tool, it's quite barebones compared to some of the other options out there. The first alternative you should check out is Playlist Loader. Unlike the native tool, it allows you to add multiple M3U playlists at once then hop between them seamlessly. The feature is useful if you pull your IPTV services from lots of different sources; you'll save time and frustration compared to overwriting a single URL every time you want to switch. You will find Playlist Loader in the Avigdor repo. Download the ZIP file from GitHub then go to Add-ons > Add-on browser > Install from ZIP file to add it to your Kodi app. XMLTV Mel One of the best aspects of watching IPTV on Kodi is the EPG. However, many EPGs offer incorrect information. If you're trying to recreate a "cable TV experience," this is far from ideal. The solution is to download XMLTV files for the channels in your M3U playlist. XMLTV files contain the EPG data. You can grab EPGs for most mainstream channels around the world from webgrabplus.com. However, to truly get that cable feeling, you need to combine the separate EPGs into a single user interface. That's where XMLTV Meld comes in. It joins multiple XMLTV providers into one XMLTV file. The setup process is a touch complex. Read the official XMLTV Meld wiki for more information. BBC iPlayer Although it's not an official BBC app, the iPlayer add-on for Kodi uses the BBC service's API key and is thus entirely legal. Because the add-on uses official BBC feeds rather than dodgy third-party sources, it is only available to users in the U.K. If you want to watch from outside the British Isles, you will need to use a high-quality VPN service for Kodi. USTVnow If you're an American expat living outside the United States, you need to install the USTVnow add-on. The free package offers five channels: ABC, CBS, The CW, PBS, and MyTV 9. For $19/month, you can increase the number of channels to 24, including ESPN, TLC, National Geographic, AMC, Discovery, and FOX. The $24 premium package adds unlimited DVR capabilities. The JukeBox If you're a musically-minded person, you can't go wrong with The JukeBox add-on. As the name suggests, its focus is on music-based IPTV content. You're not going to find MTV or VH1, but the app does have IPTV feeds from second-tier channels, including London's Capital TV, Magic, The Box, and Vevo. There's also a healthy dose of EDM and live DJing channels. There's even some on-demand content and audio-only content. You can search by genres, decades, concert, or even by DJ. Comet If sci-fi is your thing, you need to have Comet TV in your life. It's a live TV channel that only went live in 2015. At the time of writing, it's still only available in 75 percent of the US. If you live outside of the supported markets, Kodi is one of the best ways to access its IPTV feeds. TBD TBD is a US network with content that's primarily geared towards younger audiences. Like Comet TV, it's a new channel, having only started broadcasting in December 2016. And, also like Comet TV, it's a long way from achieving nationwide coverage. Just over 60 percent of American households can pick up the signal. If you're a millennial looking for a mix of comedy, animation, esports, and music, the TBD IPTV add-on for Kodi is definitely worth installing. Pluto TV We've recommended Pluto on other streaming platforms, and the Kodi version of the app is no different. Pluto does not focus on a single channel or network. Instead, it offers access to a range of IPTV content, including CNBC, Sky News, Bloomberg, and Cheddar. It also has its own native electronic program guide that's accessible from within the add-on. NewsON In recent years, NewsON has answered the prayers of cord cutters who were desperate for a way to watch live news on Kodi. Specifically, NewsON specializes in local news. It provides free access to live IPTV streams of 170 TV channels in 108 US cities. In addition to live IPTV, you can also catch up with old streams for 48 hours after they air.
  18. I provide you with about 20k valid email accounts so far 20-07-2021 Download file
  19. Hello, I provide you with the file Pegasus Information Pegasus for Android. Pegasus is malware developed by the NSO Group to spy on high-ranking officials. Download file 👇
  20. Today I have uploaded Clubhouse Data Leak for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy! |Notes| In 2021, the social media platform known as Clubhouse had its users data scrapped via their API. The result is 1.3 million user's names, usernames, photos and social links being logged into a dataset which is downloadable below. Compromised data: Usernames, Display Name (Usually real name), Profile Photo URLs, Social Links (Twitter and Instagram), Follower Counts, Account Creation and whom they were invited by. Download file Clubhouse (1).zip
  21. After obtaining my Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) status, I started searching for a direction. The most common advice that I’ve received from many professionals, who are far more experienced than I am, was to specialize in something because it’s difficult to be an expert at everything. The difficult part about carving out a direction for your career is getting exposed to the different areas of penetration testing. I decided to tackle Offensive Security’s Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitations (AWAE) course to figure that out. One of the main things that I was pleasantly surprised about was that the course doesn’t benefit strictly white-box web application penetration testers. The content is presented in a way where all penetration testers can greatly benefit. 30.44GB - 170 Files + 14 Subfolders!! Key: ZS2RbhTkw8H-QLupxDNr4g

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